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NorthWest Industries of Mt., Inc. offers a specialized On-site machining service that will correct your alignment problems by resurfacing all four sole plates in a common geometric plane with only ONE SETUP! OPTALIGN® laser alignment system to finish the job for you while we are on-site. Call 406-248-2813 or Toll Free 888-817-2511 for more details.


In most alignment situations the pump remains stationary because of piping makeup restraints and therefore all alignment is done at the driver (motor or turbine). Over a period of time many Pump/Motor Skid bases will begin to settle in various directions that effect the geometric plane that keeps the pump and motor alignment true to that plane (all sole plates in the same plane). Adjustments are made periodically during alignment checks and corrected by adding or removing shims under the driver. Maintaining good coupling alignment greatly increases the service life of all rotating equipment and is an important MTBF concern for Maintenance & Plant Managers. Sometimes the Skids geometric plane will become so distorted that shim adjustment at the sole plates need to be stepped or 'taper shimming' to eliminate 'soft foot' conditions.
Below are sequencial pictures showing a typical field setup for resurfacing sole plates to restore geometric plane. CASE: when aligned for coupling face angularity, this particular motor ended up with no shims under the front feet and all under the back feet. But for perifial alignment the motor was too high and could not be lowered because the front feet had no shims. JOB SCOPE: resurface the motor sole plates in the same plane as the pump and to allow for a minimum of .100" motor shims under each foot.


GOOD NEWS!! We have a professional solution to maximize Mechanical Seal life by machining the pump seal face chamber perfectly true with the centerline of the Rotor for a 0.000" indicator runout. This is what API says: "Mechanical seal performance depends on the runout conditions at the mechanical seal chamber." (API-610; So maximum performance would be 0.000" TIR at the seal chamber face. NWI has a patent pending design 'Facing Tool' to do just that!
Call us for more information on how to check your seal chamber for TIR (Total Indicator Runout).

NOTICE to all Plant and Maintenance Managers: You can save many $$ MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) dollars by extending Mechanical Seal service life.

Call 406-248-2813 or Toll Free 888-817-2511 for more details.