About NorthWest Industries of Montana, Inc.

About Us

Our company was founded in 1991 with a vision and goal unique in today's competitive marketplace. Instead of an attitude of competitiveness, we are focused on a service oriented attitude of "cooperation". Ever working toward improving one-on-one relationships with our customers has proven successful and beneficial for both parties by enhancing communications, quality assurance, and timely schedules.

Since our founding, NorthWest Industries of Montana, Inc. has striven to improve its operations, equipment, facilities and dedicated personnel. With the help of leading edge technology, we are continually improving performance and quality service to provide precision satisfaction guaranteed products and services to ALL we serve.

Our quality system is built around ISO 9000 compliance and our facilities are being structured to assure ourselves and our customers that quality is being carried through the entire production process. Our objective at NorthWest Industries of Montana, Inc. is to produce the best product and value for its customers and long time friends: To optimize our quality control system, pricing, and on-time delivery. To train our employees to be in good standing with the company and community. To manage and maintain our operations, facilities and procedures, being ever efficient and serving for the good of customers and the industry.

NWIMT embraces a Team Leadership principle throughout its operations. Every level of operation has a Team Leader who is responsible for work-flow from the start to finish. All employees get an opportunity to be a Team Leader and learn leadership principles. Thereby, creating a company of responsible leaders that together as a whole, makes one unified TEAM - NorthWest Industries of Montana, Inc.

With your help and co-operation, our team of 18 employees working together with you can establish a long-term relationship that will allow us to grow together.

Thank you for all your support!

James Gokey, Ceo/GenMgr

"Our company has worked hard to build on one great principle of serving others so that they can be successful. We look forward to helping your Team in 2016, which may be more challenging than ever before. . .but there is one thing that the Team here at NWIMT knows for sure: COOPERATION will win over competition EVERY time!"